Da Mafia 6ix – “Break The Law” Video

Last year, former Three 6 Mafia co-leader DJ Paul rounded up his old group’s entire original lineup, minus Juicy J, and renamed the crew Da Mafia 6ix. They released the chaotic, cathartic, fun-as-hell mixtape 6ix Commantments before Lord Infamous, Paul’s brother and fellow Mafia member, died suddenly. You might expect the new video for the 6ix Commandments track “Break The Law” to be solemn, but that wouldn’t work for that song, or this group. So instead, it’s a messy, horror-tinged, low-budget rap attack cut with (seemingly genuine!) footage of shootings and riots and beheadings. Guys in Satanic Michael Myers masks stand in for Infamous, which is how Infamous would’ve presumably wanted it. Watch it below.

Download 6ix Commandments here.