Trapped In The Closet has identified the Top 10 Worst Song Lyrics … Ever. Perhaps the only time you’ll see Coldplay and Warrant on the same list.

There’s one I’d like to add. I hope by now you’ve seen this “urban operetta.” Not only are the lyrics fucking hysterical, but they’re acted out so literally, I watch in disbelief every time it’s on TV.

He walks in there with a smile on his face saying “honey I’ve been missing you”
She hops all over him and says “I’ve cooked and ran your bathwater”
I’m telling you now this girl is so good she deserves an Oscar
The girl’s in the bed he starts snatching her clothes off
I’m in the closet like man, what the fuck is going on?
You’re not going to believe it but things get deeper as the story goes on
Next thing you know a call comes through on my cell phone
I tried my best to quickly put it on vibrate
But from the way he acted I could tell it was too late
He hopped up and said “there?s a mystery going on and I’m going to solve it”
And I’m like “God please don’t let this man open his closet”

Watch R. Kelly’s “Trapped In The Closet Chapter 1″ here. Can’t get enough? Watch ALL FIVE CHAPTERS here (PC only; if you have a Mac link post in the comments).

I hear we’ll get Chapters 6-10 if R. Kelly doesn’t go to jail.

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