Watch An Interview With Régine Chassagne About Haiti In Advance Of Arcade Fire’s Carnival Show

Arcade Fire co-leader Régine Chassagne has family roots in Haiti; both of her parents emigrated to Canada from the country. And the band has a lot of history with the impoverished nation; they’ve raised a ton of money for earthquake relief, and they’ve also played shows and recorded much of their 2013 album Reflektor there. But they’ve never played Carnival, and that’s about to change. This weekend, the band will become the rare non-local act to play Carnival at the coastal town of Jacmel. Canada’s CBC News recently aired a short interview with Chassagne in advance of the performance, and she says that Reflektor was “almost an homage to Carnival.” Watch the interview below.

In other Arcade Fire news, they’ve added Dan Deacon and Kid Koala as the openers on their Reflektor tour. If turntablism becomes cool again, they will have played a part.