Watch Mac DeMarco Play “Let My Baby Stay” Around Portugal

Watch Mac DeMarco Play “Let My Baby Stay” Around Portugal

Mac DeMarco’s Salad Days is approaching, and while the only studio recording we’ve heard so far is “Passing Out Pieces,” he also previewed several tracks on Canadian radio. Now comes more live Salad Days material in the form of a short film by director Hiro Murai. The clip finds DeMarco performing an easygoing ballad called “Let My Baby Stay” at Portugal locales including a rooftop, a parking garage, outside what appears to be a museum, and on a treadmill at the gym. The different audio contexts evokes the feeling of an experimental four-track recording, which is actually the perfect fit for DeMarco’s songwriting voice. Check it out below.

Salad Days is out April Fools Day via Captured Tracks, which seems just right.

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