Aberdeen’s First Kurt Cobain Day Is Today And It’s Pretty Sad

Aberdeen’s First Kurt Cobain Day Is Today And It’s Pretty Sad

Last December, Hoquiam, WA, announced that April 10, 2014 would be known in the city as “Kurt Cobain Day,” in honor of the late Nirvana frontman who had briefly called Hoquiam home. (April 10 was chosen because that’s the day Cobain will be inaugurated into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.) Coincidentally or not, a month later, Aberdeen, WA, announced that February 20, 2014 would be known in THAT city as “Kurt Cobain Day,” because, of course, Kurt lived in Aberdeen for a while, too! (And February 20 is Kurt’s birthday.) So began yet another war over ownership of Kurt Cobain’s legacy! Well, today is February 20, meaning Aberdeen is now celebrating its inaugural Kurt Cobain Day … and, um, the bar has not been set particularly high for Hoquiam.

According to local news-radio station KXRO, Aberdeen’s festivities include the unveiling of a statue of Cobain and a 30-minute concert by the band Gebular. That unveiling is set to go down at 5:30PM local time (8:30PM EST), and on hand will be: sculptor Randi Hubbard; “an original drummer of Nirvana,” Aaron Burckhard; and Cobain’s first guitar teacher, Warren Mason.

The Aberdeen Museum of History is also displaying a couch that Kurt Cobain once slept on.

It seems a little unimpressive, doesn’t it? They couldn’t even get Jason Everman? Chad Channing? Spencer Elden, the now-grown man best known as the baby on the cover of Nevermind? Man, I kinda feel like Kurt would be getting a good laugh out of this one. Your move, Hoquiam …

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