Fear Of Men – “Luna”

Fear Of Men – “Luna”

Fear Of Men are getting ready to release Loom, their debut full-length, later this year, and have just given us another reason to be excited about the album. When they released “Alta/Waterfall,” it was a promising early sign, enough to make it into our 5 Best Songs Of The Week. “Luna” continues the band’s trend of proving that ghostly, glitzy dream pop can still sound vital and original in 2014. A lot of that comes from Jessica Weiss’ vocals and lyrics, which constantly shake the music into glaring reality. Here she emotionally cuts through the melodies with the fragile, softly sung lines, “What you want is bleached out by the sun, my weakness/ is waiting, couldn’t even shake what I’ve become/ I hate this, I hope you know that.” That last line is spoken so bluntly even as the music swells; it’s a thrilling struggle.

Loom is out 4/21 via Kanine Records. “Luna” will also be released as a flexidisc (with a zine) on 4/7 by Art Is Hard.

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