Stream Nai Harvest Hold Open My Head (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream Nai Harvest Hold Open My Head (Stereogum Premiere)

Here’s Nai Harvest singer-guitarist Ben Thompson’s statement on the British duo’s stupendous new EP, Hold Open My Head: “This isn’t a grunge record, this isn’t an emo record, this isn’t a ’90s revival record, this is a day to day poetry recorded with harmonies and drum fills.” That may be true, but fans of grunge, emo, and 1990s rock music in general will probably still lose their shit when they hear this record. Thompson and drummer Lew Currie have crafted a glorious dose of guitar-driven pop that stacks up favorably against almost any 15 minutes of music this year so far. It’s a truly delightful introduction to a seriously exciting young band, and you should listen below even if you hate it when musicians call themselves poets.

Hold Open My Head is out 3/4 on Topshelf and Dog Knights.

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