Watch The Hold Steady Play Late Night

Fun fact: Syd Butler, the bass player in Fred Armisen’s Late Night With Seth Meyers house band, is the Hold Steady’s old Frenchkiss Records label boss. So maybe that’s why the Hold Steady were on Late Night last night, the first musical guests of the second week of the show under Meyers. Or maybe, as Meyers says, he just loves this band; he wouldn’t be the only one. On the show last night, the Hold Steady played “Spinners,” a charged-up song from their forthcoming Teeth Dreams. It’s the first time I’ve seen frontman Craig Finn going guitar-free onstage, and amazingly, he doesn’t look uncomfortable without an instrument to randomly flail at every few seconds. You probably already know this, but the Hold Steady is one of the world’s great working live bands, so you should probably watch the video below.

Teeth Dreams is out 3/25 on Washington Square.