Linda Perhacs – “Prisms Of Glass” Video (Feat. Julia Holter And Nite Jewel)

Today, after 44 years of waiting, Linda Perhacs finally releases her second album. That’s probably the longest wait for a follow-up album in all of pop music; at Stereogum HQ we can only think of Dot Wiggins’ solo album from last year (44 years after the Shaggs’ Philosophy Of The World) as another possibility. Now she has a video for her collaboration with Nite Jewel (aka Ramona Gonzalez) and Julia Holter, “Prisms Of Glass.” The Jessica Hundley-directed video is similar in style to Kyle Safieh’s one for “Freely” in the way it piles multiple visuals to match Perhacs’ masterful weaving of vocal tracks. But while Safieh’s was more concerned with nature, “Prisms Of Glass” is all about light and movement. Cutting between three dancers and then the trio of Perhacs, Holter, and Gonzalez, the video overflows with prismatic effects and layers of visuals. It’s the same sensation as holding a crystal up against a window and watching the light come through. Watch below.

The Soul Of All Natural Things is out now on Asthmatic Kitty. Stream it now.