Watch Kanye West & Big Sean’s Surprise Appearance With Rick Ross On Arsenio

Rick Ross’s new album Mastermind came out on Tuesday, and he’s been all over the late-night TV circuit for the last few weeks. But he saved the big guns for last night’s performance on Arsenio. Doing the album highlight “Sanctified,” Ross performed with that song’s two guests, Kanye West and Big Sean (though sadly not with soul veteran Betty Wright, who sings the song’s hook). Kanye and Sean were surprise guests on the show, and the staging of the song is great, with all the entrances done for maximum impact. Among the A-list of rap stars, Kanye might currently be the most charismatic performer, something that’s really driven home whenever he shares a stage with his peers. And while the performance is a ton of fun, it also works as an exhibition of why live bands shouldn’t be trying to replicate DJ Mustard synth sounds. Watch it below.

Mastermind is out now on Def Jam.