Thurston Moore: “Jezebel Is Gender Fascism”

Thurston Moore’s campaign to turn the internet against him rolls on. Earlier this week the former Sonic Youth frontman told The Fly that the affair that sunk his 27-year marriage to Sonic Youth bandmate Kim Gordon carried on in secret for several years before he and Gordon called it quits, that he was bummed out over the end of his marriage (“It’s pretty heavy”), and that he’s “in a really romantic place” with Eva Prinz, the woman with whom he carried on the affair. The feminist website Jezebel criticized Moore’s comments Wednesday in a post called “Thurston Moore Confirms He Is A Dick,” which inspired Moore to retaliate against what he calls Jezebel’s “gender fascism” on Facebook. Here’s Moore’s full post:

This thing just gets uglier and uglier, doesn’t it? In other news, as Jezebel points out, Gordon is contributing a piece to The Wall Street Journal this week, and her stipple drawing looks like this: