Daft Punk & Jay Z – “Computerized”

From “Stronger” to “I Am A God,” we’ve heard Kanye West rapping over beats by Daft Punk several times over. Now it seems Yeezy’s big brother and Throne bandmate Jay Z once collaborated with the robots too. A song called “Computerized” has surfaced on YouTube, and Pitchfork confirmed that it’s genuinely the work of Daft Punk and Jay Z. No word on when the song was recorded, but considering Jay Z is rapping about his Blackberry and his iTouch, it probably predates the Samsung hoopla that accompanied Magna Carta… Holy Grail. Listen below.

Jay frantically wondering what’s even real anymore is maybe the corniest thing he’s ever done, although I imagine I’d feel differently about it if it was Kanye spazzing out like that.

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