Julian Casablancas Played New Songs, Strokes Songs, And His Daft Punk Song In New Orleans Last Night

UPDATE: Looks like the Voidz will play Pensacola tonight.


Last week we saw a very enticing teaser video for a new album from what’s being dubbed as Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. No further recordings have surfaced so far, but Casablancas, touring his way to SXSW, played new songs last night at One Eyed Jack’s in New Orleans including “2231,” “Dr. Acula,” “Biz Dog,” and “The Phantom Of Liberty (Arabic Jam).” He also did Strokes songs “Reptilia” and “Ize Of The World,” material from his 2009 solo debut Phrazes For The Young, and his Daft Punk collaboration “Instant Crush.” So, the Julian Casablancas Revue, then?

Twitter user @somaismynamean, who posted the setlist above, also noted the stage setup featuring “old ass computer monitors” as pictured below. (She also reports that Casablancas “pretty much made sex to the microphone all night, as per usual, & ended up breaking it in half bc manly af. i want to be that microphone.”)

Here’s an exceedingly tiny bit of “Instant Crush” as performed by the Voidz:


And one more tweet from @somaismynamean just because: