Kanye Names Coinye Creators In Lawsuit

While the Kanye-West-inspired crypto-currency debacle that is Coinye seemed to go on the back burner in mid-January when the site was shut down, West’s continued lawsuit has recently revealed many of the names of the formerly anonymous founders. You can see the amended lawsuit above. The suit no longer includes sites like Amazon, which were initially targeted for allegedly providing hosting services related to the case. Those moves were likely used as a way to get to the real people West is looking for, and now seems to have found. Read the full complaint here. (via Hollywood Reporter)

It’s worth reiterating that before Coinye launched they already had a cease-and-desist from West, and instead used it as an opportunity to tauntingly launch early — not really in keeping with their original stance that “[West] really isn’t someone we want to piss off.” There’s no footage of Kanye addressing the Coinye creators, but this scene of Liam Neeson in Taken likely sums the whole thing up well.

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