Watch Jimmy Kimmel Get SXSW Attendees To Act Like They’ve Heard Fake Bands

Back in the days of The Man Show, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla did a bit in which they got people to sign a petition to end women’s suffrage, without explaining that that it’s just a bad-sounding word for the right to vote. Kimmel brought the joke back in a less mean way by interviewing people about fake bands at Coachella last year, and this week he did the bit again in Austin. As an event once geared around breaking unknown artists, and now just an unmanageable clusterfuck of branding and drinking, SXSW might be the ideal place to screw with people in this way. Watch concertgoers act like they’ve heard the made-up bands they’re being asked about.

In the defense of these poor folks, when this happened at Coachella many people claimed it was faked, with the imaginary band names being dubbed in in post-production. It would not be the first time Jimmy Kimmel lied for comedy.