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Band To Watch: Fredrik

Earlier this year we shined a light Swedish pop outfit the LK and their electro lovely, wintry gem “Stop Being Perfect.” Had we known the band had a side project sooner, we probably would have written sooner. Instead, we came upon Fredrik de novo, clicking and listening to a few tracks on a whim, finding songs that have since lodged themselves into steady and heavy rotation. At its inception, Fredrik was a side project for the LK masterminds Fredrik and Lindefelt. The band’s a sextet now, more acoustically minded than their parent project, and putting the additional voices and hands to good use. The debut Na Na Ni is in line with the wistful side of the superior songcraft that seems to be an official Swedish export these days (and again reinforces the thought that, as labels crash, we should be doing more to subsidize artists here). We have the album’s first two for you — the group sung marching lullaby “Black Fur” which introduces the album, and the sublimely hushed, picked and brushed melancholia of “Alina’s Place.”

Frderik – “Black Fur” (MP3)
Fredrik – “Alina’s Place” (MP3)

The band says “Black Fur” is about “small wooden labyrinths, luck and the nature of animosity,” and “Alina’s Place” is about “failing to spell ‘tintinnabular’ and the tremendous hassles of growing up and finding a new home.” We say they’re about the prettiest things we’ve heard all week. There’s more to hear at MySpace.

Fredrik’s Na Na Ni is out 10/28 via The Kora Records.

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