Mr. Dream – “Cheap Heat”

Brooklyn art-noise trio Mr. Dream have been teasing their upcoming LP, The Ultimate In Luxury, for at least six months. The first mention of it in the Stereogum archives is in our October 2013 writeup of single “Fringy Slider,” but I’m pretty sure the promises predate that track by at least a few months. They’ve released two additional songs from the LP since then: “Loud Tools” and “Making Muscles (Powered By Faroe Petroleum).” For the latter, it appeared as if the band had added a parenthetical addendum to the album’s title (Powered By Lexus), but with new single “Cheap Heat,” the Lexus tag has been dropped. Too bad! I imagine Godmode Music (the cassette label run by Mr. Dream drummer Nick Sylvester) could have benefited from sponsorship by such a luxury brand! Anyway, “Cheap Heat” is another ripper; whenever this thing does drop, whatever it’s called, it’s gonna bang pretty hard. Check out the track below, and also check out the excellent Godmode comp Common Interests Were Not Enough To Keep Us Together.

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