Check Out Future Islands Frontman Samuel T. Herring’s Rap Videos

This week marks the release of Singles, the stupendous 4AD debut and apparent breakout LP by Baltimore synth-pop weirdos Future Islands. And if you, like David Letterman, are among those hypnotized by frontman Samuel T. Herring’s singing and dancing, perhaps you’d be interested in hearing him rap too. This weekend, video of Herring performing as his hip-hop alter ego Hemlock Ernst began blowing up the internet (although let’s give credit where it’s due: Stereogum reader Jared Hickman tipped us off about Herring’s burgeoning rap career months ago; somehow we failed to post it!). As an MC, Herring’s poised and in the pocket, though his lyrical-miracle approach and boilerplate jazz-inflected beat selections are highly vanilla compared to the unmistakably charismatic sound of Future Islands. Herring should keep his day job, but you’ll probably get a kick out of the clips below anyhow.

As previously stated, Future Islands’ Singles is out this week on 4AD, and you really ought to hear it.