Watch Danny Brown Play Arsenio

A Danny Brown show is a frantic and beautiful thing that doesn’t really translate to late-night TV, but that hasn’t stopped late-night TV hosts from booking him. And last night, Brown was the musical guest on Arsenio, where he performed “Dip,” the all-over-the-place ecstasy anthem from his great album Old. At least in the version of the performance that went up on YouTube, Arsenio’s producers censored none of Brown’s drug references. And the cameramen even got in on the act, tilting the camera sideways and throwing in some deeply goofy psychedelic effects. Letterman’s guys don’t do that! Also, Brown no longer has that trademark asymmetrical haircut, and his blown-out afro mohawk, combined with his designer leather jacket and his eyeglasses, made him look like a rapper who would’ve appeared on Arsenio’s original run. Watch the performance below.

Old is out now on Fool’s Gold.