AMC Is Developing A Reality Show About Billy Corgan’s Pro Wrestling League

Back in 2011, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan pulled the surprising move of helping to launch a Chicago-based indie pro wrestling promotion called Resistance Pro Wrestling. Corgan is a longtime wrestling fan, and he lined up an enviable crew of indie-wrestling talent to work his first few shows. Since then, though, Resistance Pro has failed to set the small-time wrestling world on fire. Still, Corgan has big plans for it. Nearly two years ago, he was talking in interviews about how he hoped to make a reality show out of running the company. And now it may finally be happening. A Variety article about the different TV shows AMC has in development lists an “untitled Billy Corgan wrestling project,” a reality show about the inner workings of Resistance Pro. Corgan himself will serve as an executive producer. Just because a series is in development, there’s no guarantee that it’ll ever appear on the air. Still, I would watch the shit out of this.