Haim – “If I Could Change Your Mind (Cerrone Funk Mix)”

The Haim sisters have now solicited two remixes from two different foundational Italo-disco geniuses. First, Giorgio Moroder took on “Forever.” And now, the legendary French lunatic Cerrone, whose 1977 classic “Supernature” is essential listening for anyone with the slightest inkling of an interest in space-disco, has put in work on “If I Could Change Your Mind,” already the most rhythmically slippery song on Haim’s album Days Are Gone. Cerrone follows MK and Delorean, who have already remixed the track, and he responds to the challenge by turning the song’s disco-funk elements way up, turning it into a playfully skittering pulse. Listen below.

Days Are Gone is out now on Columbia.

Tags: Cerrone, HAIM