M.I.A. And Janelle Monaé To Perform Hologram Duet For Audi

We can debate in circles about the unholy intersection of music and business, but in this instance the combination might be producing something cool. Janelle Monaé and M.I.A. are scheduled to perform at dual launch events for Audi’s new A3 this Thursday. Each artist will perform a full set, Monaé in LA and M.I.A. in NYC. Then, at the end of the shows, they’ll combine for a pair of hologram duets — as in, a live-action hologram of M.I.A. will be projected on stage with Monaé and vice versa. They’ll perform two songs together this way, both of them previously unreleased collaborations. According to a press release, the performance is happening through the magic of integrated video mapping: “The set utilizes 3D projection mapping to add layered depth of field perception with animated graphic content, the result of which will be an electric never-before-seen 3D bi-coastal performance.” This sounds dope — and significantly less creepy than hologram Tupac and ODB — but if it leads to a world where we all go see holograms in concert so rock stars don’t have to tour, I’d be at least a little bummed.