Watch M.I.A. And Janelle Monáe’s Bicoastal Hologram Duet For Audi

Last night, M.I.A. and Janelle Monáe played shows at simultaneous launch events for Audi’s new A3. M.I.A. was in New York, and Monáe was in Los Angeles, but they still came together for a collaboration at the end of the show, thanks to the magic of technology. Both became holograms, beaming their 3D images to the other coast, in a futuristic display that manged not to look creepy as hell. Below, watch a quick 30-second fan-made video of the two performing “Bad Girls” together, with Monáe basically rocking a Kanye flow on her verse.

I really, really hope this technology comes into play in the forthcoming Jem And The Holograms movie.