Watch A Short Film Inspired And Soundtracked By The Body’s I Shall Die Here

Experimental metal duo the Body’s new album, I Shall Die Here, is the darkest thing they’ve recorded. That’s in part because they teamed up with electronic/drone/nightmare producer the Haxan Cloak (Bobby Krlic), and if there’s one thing these two forces do really well it’s making music that sounds like dying — just listen to their explosive “Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain.” The album recently inspired filmmaker Jason Evans to make the short At The Mercy Of It All, which is soundtracked by music from that album. It follows a bearded, weary man living in a cabin (as he records an album, and eventually works with Kanye … just kidding!) in complete isolation, as he looks over photos, old pages, and maps. It’s unclear at times whether the man is trying to let go of or cling to some part of his past, but as a storm builds outside, the music fills each methodical action with unbearable tension and terror. Watch it below.

I Shall Die Here is out now via RVNG Intl.