Watch The Replacements Rehearse “Can’t Hardly Wait” In The Studio

The reunited Replacements are one of my most anticipated acts at this weekend’s Coachella festivities, not because I’m hoping to hear new music but because I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing them bash out the old stuff. So it delights me to witness Paul Westerberg and the boys rehearsing 1987’s classic “Can’t Hardly Wait” at Sound City, the legendary recording studio commemorated by Dave Grohl in last year’s eponymous documentary. Still, this scenario raises the question: Why are the Replacements in a recording studio? Is this evidence of new Replacements music afoot or just a convenient way to get ready for a reunion tour? And — as many wondered upon the release of last year’s benefit EP Songs For Slim — if Tommy Stinson is the only other original member involved, how much different would new Replacements music be from all the solo material Westerberg has released in the years since 1990’s ‘Mats swan song All Shook Down? Let the rumor mill commence as you enjoy a few fleeting seconds of nostalgia below.

Besides two weekends of Coachella this month, the Replacements are booked for Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Festival in May and Louisville’s Forecastle Festival in July.