R.I.P. Jason McCash

Indianapolis band the Gates Of Slumber was formed in 1998 by frontman Karl Simon, and spent the next 15 years making very potent and powerful traditional doom metal in the vein of St. Vitus and Candlemass, opening the door for bands like Pallbearer and Pilgrim in the process. Bassist Jason McCash joined the band in 2003, and played on all their official studio recordings, starting with 2004 debut LP …The Awakening through 2013’s Scion-sponsored Strormcrow EP. Soon after the release of Stormcrow, McCash announced he was leaving the band, causing Simon to end the project altogether a few days later. Yesterday morning, Simon posted an update on the band’s Facebook page announcing that McCash had died during the night of Saturday, April 5. Wrote Simon:

My best friend died last night. There will be no reunion – no more of TGoS. It’s dead beyond dead, and I’ve lost a brother.

Please be respectful or silent. It’s a small world and I’m still alive. Remember that shit.

No cause of death has been reported. This is awful, sad news. McCash was a vibrant and beloved member of the heavy metal community. He was 37 years old. RIP.

[Photo by Joey Foley/Getty.]