Billy Corgan Announces Experimental AEGEA Records

Lately, Billy Corgan has been busying himself with a fair amount of non-Smashing Pumpkins business: The long improvisational tea-shop sets, the reality show about his pro wrestling federation. (There are also apparently two Pumpkins albums in the works.) And now he’s announced the impending release of AEGEA, a two-record experimental work which will be available in an extremely limited edition and which will carry a hefty price tag.

On the Smasing Pumpkins’ website, Corgan announces that AEGEA will be available in the next six-to-eight weeks. He pressed the records up on a private press, and he’s limiting it to 250 copies, each hand-numbered and annotated by Corgan himself. It’ll run you $59.95, plus whatever shipping costs you’ll accrue if you buy it anywhere other than his Madame ZuZu’s tea shop. Here’s how Corgan describes it:

As a work, AEGEA is experimental in nature, and comes across as more a soundtrack to some lost foreign film than the kind of music I’m usually associated with. Listening back I quite like how AEGEA goes along, as it has qualities that are both meditative and alien; but not alienating.