Watch Heems’ Japanese Commercial For Vitamin Water

In our recent interview with Himanshu Suri, the rapper and former Das Racist member mentioned that he’d been bouncing around different parts of Asia, going to Tokyo at one point. It’s unclear if it happened then or at a different time, but the man better known as Heems now has a commercial for Vitamin Water airing in Japan, and it is amazing. As the video follows the journeys of a ridiculous guy with a ghetto blaster for a head, Heems spits out a rap about remixing everyday things that could put Lonely Island to shame. The whole thing is a blast, and brings nostalgic flashbacks of the insane stuff Arnold Schwarzenegger was doing in Japanese commercials back in the day. Watch it below.

(via Slate)

Heems’ debut solo album is scheduled for this summer and is tentatively titled Eat, Pray, Thug.

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