Watch Eminem & Rihanna Peform, Jack White Cameo With Conan At The MTV Movie Awards

If you missed last night’s MTV Movie Awards, you have plenty of valid excuses — Game Of Thrones, Mad Men, Coachella, watching people talk about Coachella on Twitter, literally one million other better things you could’ve been doing. So here are a couple of the things you missed. 8 Mile star Eminem and Battleship star Rihanna got together to perform “The Monster,” their decidedly non-cinematic megahit 2013 collab, onstage for the first time. This meant we got to see a quick preview of the short tour they’re doing together and get a glimpse of the haute-juggalo stuff that Rihanna is apparently going to wear when she’s hanging out with Eminem. And during the show’s open, host Conan O’Brien ran around attempting to get 50 celebrity cameos. Conan’s old buddy Jack White was in there, as were Stereogum regulars like Carrie Brownstein, Fred Armisen, and Skrillex. Watch the performance and the bit below.

Em and Rihanna will hit stadiums in three cities together this summer; details are here. You should go see Em in Detroit if you get a chance.