Watch Sigur Rós’s Game Of Thrones Cameo

Last night’s episode of Game Of Thrones ended with Sigur Rós’s version of “The Rains Of Castamere,” a song that tends to play on the show when some serious shit is either about to go down or just did go down. If you ever find yourself in Westeros and the opening strains of “The Rains Of Castmere” ring out, run. But the song wasn’t Sigur Rós’s only contribution to the show last night. They also had a quick cameo as wedding musicians, singing for evil whelp King Joffrey. And though Sigur Rós are generally regarded as critics’ favorites, they do not get so much love from Joffrey (though they do get off lightly compared to plenty of others who incurred Joffrey’s displeasure). Watch it below.

Game Of Thrones almost never features famous-people cameos, so Sigur Rós should consider themselves honored, as long as nobody fingers them for regicide next week or anything.