Check Out Marnie Stern’s Levi’s Ad

We recently saw Marnie Stern keeping up an old musical partnership by sitting in with Fred Armisen’s 8G Band on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Turns out that’s not the only time Stern’s spent in front of a camera lately. An Instagram post from Levi’s revealed an advertisement featuring Stern, face obscured by blonde locks, playing a beat-up blue Stratocaster. It’s viewable above. Here’s the post text:

“That’s the what if. Everybody has that about what they do. I really believe that if you work hard enough and long enough, something good comes out of it.” @MarnieStern, #equipped to shred in her 501 jeans.

Stern previewed the ad via her own Instagram account six months ago:

This seems like a better way for Stern to pay the rent than selling plus-sized women’s clothes on eBay as detailed in our interview with her last year.

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