Django Django – “Porpoise Song” (The Monkees Cover)

The Monkees were a made-for-TV band designed to capitalize on the Beatles’ popularity and to engage in wacky sitcom hijinks. But in 1968, they made Head, a movie that’s earned a rep as one of the deepest, weirdest psychedelic nuggets of its era. (Jack Nicholson co-wrote it.) British postpunkers Django Django are the latest act to put together their own moody mix for the Late Night Tales compilation series, and for the collection’s sole new track, they’ve recorded a cover of “Porpoise Song,” one of the many starry-eyed oddities on the Monkees’ Head soundtrack. (It’s the first Monkees single that didn’t make the top 40.) In their version, Django Django stay true to the original’s melody and feel, but they also find room for some tricky, krautrock-esque rhythmic play. Hear their version below.

Django Django’s Late Night Tales mix is out 5/12, and their “Porpoise Song” cover will be a Record Store Day 7″, available 4/19.