The Faint – “Evil Voices” Video

12 years ago, Omaha synth-punkers the Faint played one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen, so it warms my heart that they’re still whipping out supercharged new wave. The band just released the new album Doom Abuse, and we’ve posted their “Help In The Head” video, as well as their new tracks “Salt My Doom” and “Dress Code.” Director Nik Fackler’s new video for their “Evil Voices” is an intense, hyperactive, violent affair: The band plays in a room somewhere, some guy slowly gets his face peeled off, a lady smashes something over another lady’s head. But it’s all edited into such a digitally-distorted blur that it’s hard to tell what’s happening at any given moment. Check it out below.

(via Noisey)

Doom Abuse is out now on SQE Music.

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