Watch U2 Pay Tribute To The Alarm For BBC Radio Wales Concert Special

In the early ’80s, U2, from Ireland, and the Alarm, from Wales, were peers: Two bands who came out of punk rock but who quickly learned how to write enormous stadium-shaking inspirational singalongs. The Alarm peaked with 1984’s Declaration and then slowly faded from view, while U2 had a slightly different trajectory. For a new BBC Radio Wales special about the 30th anniversary of Declaration, U2 sent in a quick video message, in which they sing “Happy Birthday” to Alarm frontman Mike Peters, say a few nice words about him, and then briefly cover the Alarm’s “Blaze Of Glory.” Check out video of it below.

(via @U2)

Peters’s reactions are so far and away the best thing about the video. We should all say nice things about him just to see if we can get him to smile like that.

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