London Grammar – “Sights” Video

London Grammar’s “Sights” has already been a very popular song (as has the remix by Disclosure acolyte Tourist), and now it’s gotten a music-video treatment by director Giorgio Testi. Shot mostly in one elegantly sweeping take, it begins intimately, with the band performing in a stylishly lit space (plenty of lens flare here), before pulling out to the audience. It ends with a little camera trick of faux-seamlessness that’s seen used everywhere from Pharrell’s 24-hour video for “Happy” to Hitchcock’s “one-take” movie Rope. It’s a cool effect, and one that sneaks up on you due to the way London Grammar’s performance (and “Sights” in general) lulls you into such a comforting place. Watch it below.

If You Wait is out now via Columbia.