Freeman – “(For A While) I Couldn’t Play My Guitar Like A Man”

After releasing the demos EP Gener’s Gone late last year, Aaron Freeman has finally let go of his Ween alter-ego and begun moving forward into a solo career as Freeman. He and his band announced their self-titled debut out this summer and today share “(For A While) I Couldn’t Play My Guitar Like A Man.” Though he put out the aforementioned demos along with covers of Bob Dylan and Rod McKuen, this is the first original material we’ve heard from Freeman since he left Ween and got sober. (“I want this record to pay homage to Ween,” he says in press materials for the LP. “These are the same songs I would’ve written in Ween—except without Mickey.”) The slightly silly title and lyrics of this song are delivered completely seriously, which any Ween fan knows only makes it that much more goofy. Meanwhile, Freeman’s guitar playing remains as remarkable as ever and the solo that closes the song proves he’s not fucking around. Listen below.

FREEMAN is out 7/22 via Partisan Records.