Pharrell – “Marilyn Monroe” Video

Now that “Happy” has conquered the known universe to the extent that even your mom is starting to get sick of it, Pharrell has finally gotten around to making another video. It’s for “Marilyn Monroe,” the opening track from his deeply enjoyable new album G I R L, and it works overtime to get Pharrell into various rooms with as many women as possible. There’s a lot of dancing in this video — in a rehearsal studio, on a candy-colored set, on a fake Broadway stage. And only some of that dancing is there to get gratuitous butt-shots of stretching women in there, though god knows this video isn’t hurting for gratuitous butt-shots. I’m pretty sure the woman dancing with P at the end of the video is his wife Helen Lasichanh, which means she’s presumably cool with this whole thing. It’s a bright, colorful video, and you can watch it below.

G I R L is out now on Columbia.

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