Replacements Heading Home For First Headlining Show In 23 Years

I don’t know if you’ve ever talked to a middle-aged Midwestern indie rocker about the Replacements, but it’s like walking into a Pentecostal church and asking people there how they feel about Jesus. The Replacements — or two of them, anyway — reunited for last year’s Riot Fests, and they’ve played a handful of festivals since then, including the two Coachella weekends. But they’ve just announced their first proper non-festival headlining gig, and it’s back in their Twin Cities home. The band will come to St. Paul, Minnesota’s Midway Stadium 9/13. That’s the home of AA baseball’s St. Paul Saints, and it’s pretty badass that the Replacements can now headline a baseball stadium, even if it’s not exactly a major-league stadium. This will be the band’s first headlining show in 23 years. And whatever you feel about the whole reunion-industrial complex, it’s fun to imagine the heroes’ welcome the ‘Mats will inevitably get at this show.