The Jazz June – “Over Underground”

The Jazz June is among the more unsung emo heroes of yesteryear. The Pennsylvania combo doesn’t have the same name recognition as fellow reunited emo bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Owls, American Football, or Braid, but judging from Evan Weiss’ enthusiasm when he told me he was producing the Jazz June’s upcoming album during this interview, they seem to qualify as your favorite emo band’s favorite emo band. Thing is, “Over Underground,” their contribution to a split 7-inch with Dikembe and the first song they’ve released in 12 years, doesn’t sound much like anyone’s conception of emo. It’s more in the classic indie rock vein a la Built To Spill and Archers Of Loaf. So this is something you’ll want to hear whether you’re a Jazz June fan or just an aficionado of fine ’90s-style guitar music, and you can do that below.

The Dikembe/Jazz June split is out 5/27 digitally on Tiny Engines and Topshelf with limited-edition vinyl to follow in July. Pre-order here.