Ben Frost – “Nolan”

About a month from now, noise artist Ben Frost will put out his new album, A U R O R A, and it’s an absolute monster. We’ve already heard the first single, “Venter,” a track that slowly built pressure like a dormant volcano before exploding more than four minutes in. The newest song, “Nolan,” waits exactly one second before letting loose a storm of screaming synths and crushing, heavy drums courtesy of ex-Liturgy/current Guardian Alien drummer Greg Fox and Swans percussionist Thor Harris. The song winds itself tighter and tighter around its complex, looping rhythm before a bright melody fights through at the halfway point. It’s the musical equivalent of being lost in a blizzard, but Frost’s dense, muscular production makes that one hell of an adventure. Listen to it below.

A U R O R A is out 5/26 via Mute.

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