Anthony Bourdain Breaks His Legendary Silence In The Rock Vs. EDM Debate

The celebrity chef and travel-minded TV epicurean Antony Bourdain has never made any secret of his tastes, culinary and otherwise, and he featured musicians like Fucked Up and the Black Keys on his old show No Reservations. Bourdain now hosts the CNN show Parts Unknown, and a new episode dedicates itself to the fair city of Las Vegas. One segment of that show focuses on the way the old institution of the Vegas show is giving way to the new institution of the Vegas superclub. Vegas is home to the rich, craven epicenter of the recent EDM boom, and you’ll never guess how Bourdain feels about that. Just kidding. You’ll guess exactly how he feels about it. If you’ve watched enough Bourdain, you might be able to guess that his spiel on it includes the exact phrase “ye lords and princes of douchedom.” Check out the segment below.

(via Warming Glow)

I wonder if Bourdain might find a different perspective on electronic dance music if he went out of his way to experience it on a visit to, say, Cologne. Or Rio De Janeiro.