Devonté Hynes – “Palo Alto” & “April’s Daydream”

Devonté Hynes – “Palo Alto” & “April’s Daydream”

Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes scored the new James Franco film Palo Alto, director Gio Coppola’s adaptation of Franco’s book of the same name. Besides interstitial music, Hynes has contributed new songs, including the title track “Palo Alto.” The song is notably credited to Devonté Hynes rather than Blood Orange, but it isn’t exactly another new sonic identity for the noted chameleon. That said, it wouldn’t exactly fit amongst Cupid Deluxe’s misty Prince homages either — which is to say it’s hard to imagine anyone voguing to this warm, soulful prom slow dance, but it’s still projected through Blood Orange’s signature stylized retro filter. The song features Samantha Urbani, formerly of Friends. Listen below.

The Palo Alto soundtrack is out 6/3 on Domino, and it also features Mac DeMarco and previously released Blood Orange songs. Tracklist:

01 Devonté Hynes – “Palo Alto”
02 Mac DeMarco – “Ode To Viceroy”
03 Robert Schwartzman – “Fútbol Americano”
04 Blood Orange – “Champagne Coast”
05 Tonstartssbandht – “5FT7″
06 Coconut Records – “Is This Sound Okay?”
07 Nat & Alex Wolff – “Rock Star (Movie Version)”
08 Francesco Pennino – “Senza Mamma”
09 Robert Schwartzman – “Graveyard”
10 Robert Schwartzman – “So Bad”
11 Devonté Hynes – “April’s Daydream”
12 Robert Schwartzman – “It’s You”
13 Jack Kilmer – “T.M.”
14 Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough”

UPDATE: The whole thing, including another new song “April’s Daydream,” is streaming on Spotify (thanks amarc for the heads up)…

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