Beyoncé – “Standing On The Sun”

It’s not enough, I suppose, when your surprise self-titled album lights the entire universe on fire and sells more copies than anything this side of the Frozen soundtrack. You just have to keep throwing songs out into the universe. A piece of Beyoncé’s song “Standing On The Sun” appeared in an H&M commercial a year ago, but it didn’t appear on the album she released at the end of last year. Instead, the track, written by Sia and Greg Kurstin, just showed up online today without warning. It’s a sweeping, satisfying pop song with a slight dancehall undercurrent, but part of the reason that BEYONCÉ ruled the way it did is that Beyoncé ditched the merely good songs like this one and mostly just kept the amazing ones. Check out “Standing On The Sun” at the Huffington Post.

Beyoncé just announced a summer stadium tour with her husband Jay Z; dates are here.

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