The Black Keys – “Fever” Video

Unstoppable arena-rock monsters the Black Keys are about to unleash their latest Danger Mouse-produced album Turn Blue upon us, and they shared the tense and new-wavey single “Fever” a few weeks ago. The new video for “Fever” casts Dan Auerbach as a sweaty, pomaded, exceedingly low-rent TV preacher, and it doesn’t do much more than alternate shots of a testifying Auerbach with stock footage of Pentecostal church crowds. For a song that’s already all over rock radio, this is not much of a video. Theo Wenner, the son of Rolling Stone founder Jann, directed it. The cynic in me believes that Wenner probably wasn’t the best available director but that the band secured like five Rolling Stone covers for themselves in hiring him. On the other hand, the Black Keys are Harmony Korine collaborators, and there’s definitely something Korine-esque happening here. Watch it below.

By the way, if you dial that number — (1-646-397-6172) — you get a largely indecipherable pre-recorded message that includes a man calling a record label and saying “I’m calling because I’m interested in you releasing my album.”

Turn Blue is out 5/13 on Nonesuch.

UPDATE: Hear the Black Keys’ prank phone calls to Nonesuch below: