Supergroup Super-Earth (Corin Tucker, Peter Buck, Krist Novoselic) Hit The Studio

In R.E.M., Sleater-Kinney, and Nirvana respectively, Peter Buck, Corin Tucker, and Krist Novoselic were part of three of the best and most seismically influential bands in rock history, and now they’ve joined forces. They’re all part of super-Earth, an ensemble that made its first public bow with a pair of Portland shows last week (albeit with longtime Buck buddy Scott McCaughey, not Novoselic, on bass; incidentally, the cover was just $5). According to The Oregonian’s report, this is how it sounded: “The new material, speedy and loud, was full of power chords, enthusiasm and the occasional signature Buck arpeggio — less punk rock than power-pop but always knife-sharp.” Reporter David Greenwald also tacked on this thought: “It sounded like an album: hopefully it will be.” That appears to be happening. R.E.M.’s official Twitter posted a photo by Lance Bangs depicting the band (Tucker, Peter, Kurt Bloch, Bill Rieflin, Novoselic, and McCaughey) in the studio.

So, any Oregonians got any recordings from those shows? In the meantime, that Oregonian review has photos.