Stream Mimicking Birds EONS (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream Mimicking Birds EONS (Stereogum Premiere)

When we heard Mimicking Birds’ “Bloodlines” a couple months back, it marked Nate Lacy’s latest batch of moonbeam folk-rock as one of spring’s more exciting new releases. EONS, the project’s first release in four years, lives up to that promise. EONS is gorgeous from start to finish, Lacy’s weathered vocals lending gravitas to the music’s moody float even as they blend together into a sighing translucent shimmer. It’s a remarkable accomplishment to make a gentle, folksy indie-rock album in 2014 that doesn’t feel like a collection of well-worn cliches, and while Lacy’s music will certainly evoke plenty of reference points — Strand Of Oaks, Phosphorescent, Iron & Wine, and Lacy’s label head Isaac Brock among them — it never feels like a retread so much as the work of a captivating songwriter who has mastered his genre. Stream the full album below in advance of its official release next week.

EONS is out 5/13 on Glacial Pace.

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