Lil Wayne Involved In Altercation After Mayweather-Maidana Boxing Match

Last night, when Floyd Mayweather narrowly defeated the Argentine boxer Marcos Maidana via decision in Las Vegas, Lil Wayne was one of the luminaries who helped walk Mayweather out to the ring. And after the fight, Wayne practically got into a fight of his own. As TMZ reports, someone, possibly a member of Maidana’s entourage, threw a water bottle that hit Wayne in the shoulder. Wayne immediately responded by turning around and attempting to fight Maidana’s entire crew, though someone from Wayne’s own entourage grabbed him and pulled him back. You can watch some chaotic video of the altercation below.

If Wayne had actually traded blows with Maidana or any of his trainers, he would’ve obviously been annihilated. But you have to respect that utter unwillingness to back down in the face of a for-certain beatdown.

[photo by Harry How, via Getty Images]

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