Michael Jackson – “Chicago” (Prod. Timbaland)

Michael Jackson – “Chicago” (Prod. Timbaland)

Michael Jackson never released a Timbaland-produced song while he was alive, which is too bad. Tim was peaking right when MJ was attempting a comeback with Indestructible, and both have such weird and singular rhythmic sensibilities that I have to believe they could’ve done something awesome together. But Tim has been put in charge of “contemporizing” the unreleased MJ tracks on the new collection Xscape. We’ve heard the title track and “Love Never Felt So Good,” and now we get to hear the first actual Timbo-produced track on the album. It’s called “Chicago,” and it’s an obvious case of Tim tinkering with an unfinished track. And while it doesn’t quite work, it has moments, especially on that first verse. Listen below.

(via rnbxclusive)

Xscape is out 5/13 on Epic.

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