Watch Kanye Let A Guy Rap For Him While Paparazzi Trail Him Home

Legend has it that Big Sean got his record deal after he badgered his way into an in-person audition with Kanye West, which effectively makes Kanye the greatest possible target for any random dude-on-the-street rapper. One such industrious individual recently approached Kanye while he and Kim Kardashian were making a paparazzi-heavy half-a-block walk to their Soho apartment. Most rap stars (and critics) would’ve just kept their heads down and kept walking, but Kanye gave the guy a chance at an Aaron Sorkin walk-and-rap, and while he didn’t sign the unidentified rapper on the spot, he did listen appreciatively. TMZ’s cameras caught the whole exchange, naturally. Here it is.

And in other Kanye news, there are reports that he and Kardashian are already married, having obtained a confidential marriage license and, maybe, holding a private ceremony at home.

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