Watch Future Islands Play Kimmel

The last time Baltimore synthpop expressionists Future Islands did musical-guest duties on a late-night TV program, it was the Letterman performance that made them, more or less, famous. I don’t know if the band’s performance on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live will have the same effect on their overall career arc, but it was great, too. On Kimmel’s stage, the band performed two songs from Singles, one of my favorite albums of the year thus far. On the show proper, they did “Doves,” and fans of Samuel T. Herring’s dancing (which should really be all of us at this point) will lose their shit at those body-rolls he does at the beginning. Following that up as an online exclusive, they also played an impassioned rendition of “Spirit” and broke the unwritten rule that bands aren’t supposed to offer stage patter, much less sincere stage patter, while they’re being videotaped on one of these stages. Both performances are just awesome, and you can watch them below.

Singles is out now on 4AD.